Bridge traffic light so far

GLENDALE — Two days after the Fairmont Avenue bridge officially opened to vehicles at the San Fernando Road interchange, officials say traffic has been relatively light.

Public Works officials expect traffic to increase as more people learn that the bridge is open. Still, officials said traffic has been heavier during the morning and afternoon rush.

"Folks who live and work in the area have likely being taking alternate routes over the last two years due to the construction, so the use will increase as awareness increases," Public Works Director Steve Zurn said.

Plans for the $44-million flyover bridge, which opened Thursday, have been in the works for more than a decade.

The mostly state-funded bridge runs from Fairmont Avenue over San Fernando Road, the railroad tracks and into the city's redevelopment area, where DreamWorks Animation, the Walt Disney Co. and KABC-7 studios are housed.

The bridge was part of a development deal with studios to make the area more accessible and improve traffic flow.

Since the bridge's opening, city staffers have driven on it many times to ensure it is safe and easily accessible for the community, said Jano Baghdanian, the city Traffic and Safety administrator.

"Everything is running smoothly," he said. "People are just getting to know the bridge."

Crews have made some minor tweaks along the bridge, adjusting signage and adding landscaping, Baghdanian said.

Residents had opposed the project and lobbied for a sound wall, which was completed to help block noise from vehicles exiting the freeway. They have expressed little concern since the opening, however.

"There hasn't been anything, but if there is, I'll report it," said Jolene Taylor, vice president of the Pelanoni Estates Homeowners Assn.

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