Drayman to seek another term

GLENDALE— City Councilman John Drayman announced Thursday on the "Larry Zarian Show" that he plans to run for reelection next year.

A longtime Glendale resident, Drayman lobbied and led a campaign to purchase the historic Rockhaven Sanitarium in Montrose. He said he has been an advocate for arts and entertainment, like the Museum of Neon Art, helping to further develop downtown Glendale.

He highlighted his efforts to boost transparency and accountability in the appointments and design and review processes.

"I made promises when I ran that I wouldn't be afraid to touch things that had considered to be taboo or off-topic subjects for elected officials," he said Friday. "I feel like I have accomplished a tremendous amount in the first term and I'd like to have the opportunity to serve a second term and continue to see some of these unfinished projects … [and continue] the success and movements forward in the next four years."

Drayman was the top vote-getter in 2007 with 22.7%. The No. 2 vote-getter that year, Dave Weaver, is also up for reelection and has not yet announced his intentions.

Candidates for the four-year council term cannot file the required paperwork until Jan. 6, said Rita Buchanan, the assistant city clerk. The election is scheduled for April 5.

Candidates declare their intentions at various times in the lead-up to an election, Zarian said.

He described Drayman's 2007 campaign as one of unity, and said the incumbent helped foster cohesion among the City Council.

"He said he wants to bring the council person that brings the council together so there's civility… and in many ways he did that," Zarian said. "I don't know the workings behind closed doors, but at least when you watch television, you see that happening."

Drayman formerly chaired the Glendale Redevelopment Agency and was mayor from 2008 to 2009.

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