Honored for bravery, service

GLENDALE — Life-saving rescuers and dedicated firefighters took center stage Wednesday during the annual Glendale Fire Department Awards at the Hilton Glendale.

More than 20 firefighters, paramedics, engineers and community members were honored for their bravery and public service during the ceremony.

"Today's a celebration for us," Fire Chief Harold Scoggins said. "When the call comes into the dispatch center, our goal is to solve the problem, it doesn't matter what the problem is."

Firefighter-paramedic Christopher Malaspino and firefighter Daniel Haleen were among a team of nine who were honored for their bravery during a house fire and rescue in Montrose.

On May 4, a disabled man in his 30s was trapped in his burning house. The door couldn't open, as heavy clutter complicated rescue, firefighters said.

They entered through the window, got the man out, and treated him until he could arrive at the hospital. He survived.

"It was an indescribable moment," Haleen said Wednesday. "It feels good that the man's alive and we were able to help him out that day."

Those honored said they were flattered and privileged, but that anyone on the force could have been awarded. They just happened to be on duty that day, Malaspino said.

Most of his family and friends don't know about the rescue, Malaspino said.

"We're humble about things, we're doing our jobs," he said. "We're trained for it. We had to get in and get this guy out. That's it."

But it's more than that, Mayor Ara Najarian said in his speech.

"They are as committed and dedicated towards the most valuable and highest ethic that anyone can have, and that is protecting lives and saving lives," he said. "We all sleep better at night with you on the job."

Firefighter Todd Tucker, engineer Darik Bolin and Capt. Thomas Marchant personify that commitment, officials said. The three were awarded the Distinguished Service Award for their professionalism and hard work.

"It's an honor to work for such a great organization and nice to be recognized for the work we do every day," Tucker said. "Every time we're out in the community, it's always positive…it's one of the things that gets me to work every day."


Fire Chief's Commendations

Mania Hoonanian — City of Glendale Human Resources

Firefighter David Guangorena

Firefighter Daniel Haleen

Firefighter-paramedic Christopher Malaspino

Neil Wilson — Las Palmas neighbor

Firefighter-paramedic David Monheim

Firefighter-paramedic Christopher Mays

Unit Citations

Capt. Cordell Harges

Engineer Chris Raden

Firefighter Sal Sanchez

Firefighter Mike Burt

Firefighter-paramedic Ryan Lopez

Firefighter-paramedic Mark Thomas

Capt. Rudy Woody

Engineer Thomas Dyrness

Firefighter Daniel Haleen

Firefighter James Lytle

Engineer Steve Egbert

Firefighter Robert Bishop

Firefighter-paramedic Christopher Mays

Firefighter-paramedic David Monheim

Firefighter-paramedic Christopher Malaspino

Fire Chief's Vision Award

Retired Deputy Chief Steve Howard

Service Above Self Award

Carol Ann Burton

Distinguished Service Award

Firefighter-paramedic Todd Tucker

Fire engineer Darik Bolin

Capt. Thomas Marchant

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