Glendale City Council Meeting Preview

Solar regulations

The City Council on Tuesday will consider revised zoning regulations intended to ease restrictions on building a new structure or addition to support solar panels.

Under the proposed regulations, new structures would be given additional height, coverage and setback allowances.


The City Council will discuss the proposal, but will not vote on the revised regulations until next week.

Damage claims

The City Council will discuss in closed session 21 claims filed by Glendale residents following an Aug. 1 power outage that damaged some appliances and electric meters.

The approximately two-hour power outage affected 600 homes and businesses, a small portion of which reported small explosions that fried electrical appliances.

Glendale Water & Power officials circulated forms to affected residents to request reimbursement by the city.


The City Council will likely grant reimbursement.


What: Glendale City Council meeting

When: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday

Where: City Council Chambers, 613 E. Broadway

Contact: (818) 548-2090

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