Get out and vote, Glendale

Local incumbents shy away from open debate and discussion of their record. Instead, they rely on slick four-color mailers, their party's advantage in registered voters, and a low turnout on Election Day.

"We the People" govern this nation through our elected representatives and then we fail to hold them accountable. For example, Rep. Adam Schiff voted for the $800 billion stimulus bill that has failed to stimulate our economy or employment. He voted for a health-care bill that will likely lead to higher taxes or health-care premiums.

In his mailers, he claims to be a "Blue Dog Democrat" who supported the "pay-as-you-go" law. In fact he has waived or ignored the "pay-as-you-go" law in every significant vote since its passage.

His voting record tells us that jobs are a low priority. "We the People" have the duty, next Tuesday, to vote. Whether you endorse or repudiate Schiff's record, it is very important to vote.

Remember, voting is the most powerful thing you can do to preserve liberty. Let's make Glendale "The City that Votes."

Lynn McGinnis


Colbert would return to Bush policies

John Colbert says his focus is on fiscal responsibilities like balancing the budget and cutting taxes. Yet he apparently supports raising the sales tax to 24%, which would tear down our economy.

When Colbert is lecturing about the budget deficit, he points towards President Obama and Rep. Adam Schiff. But it's the bad policies from the Bush era that have us in such feeble condition to begin with, like a war that cost us billions of dollars and poor health care.

The health-care reform that Schiff supported will reduce the budget by billions in the first 10 years alone. Colbert wants to repeal it.

I do not want to send a "tea party" man to bring us back to the Bush days. My support is for Adam Schiff.

Sarah Ou

South Pasadena

Cooley would make a fine attorney general

Weighing in on the attorney general race, which is the next state office of importance after that of governor, I like the resume of our current district attorney, Steve Cooley.

Law enforcement in particular has a good friend in knowing that all state laws and that of our constitution will be enforced to the fullest, and not come down to a pick-and-choose based on the political philosophy of the candidate.

Cooley has been a professional career prosecutor in Los Angeles County now for 32 years. He has an outstanding record of management, leadership, teamwork, and achieving results. He's future oriented, not timid in trying something new ormaking tough decisions, and lastly, he's willing to work with whoever wins the governorship.

We certainly cannot afford to have an attorney general who might be wavering on whether to apply special circumstances to get the death penalty. No such wavering by Steve Cooley, due his excellent resume during his tenure as Los Angeles County district attorney, as well as the vision, leadership and integrity that he would bring as our next state attorney general.

Gary Cornell


Name callers only expose bad manners

It's the liberals who use words that sound like "itch" and "bore" when referring to female candidates who challenge their political views. Yet, they demand civility from others who try to express an opposing point of view.

Name calling is the last gasp of a losing argument. Sounds like bullies in the playground. Is that the best they've got?

Those who engage in it seek the notoriety it brings.

Rosemary Klem


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