Kids need to learn dangers of driving drunk

Drunk-driving violations are serious among students and young adults.

Glendale High School students had the opportunity to drive around in a golf cart in a designed obstacle course with "DUI goggles" to see the effects of alcohol while driving ("Glendale High students encouraged to steer straight," Oct. 27). This is a great way for students to see the consequences of drunk driving, and an eye-opener for those who think they can drive after consuming alcohol over the legal limit.

Alcohol can give the false sense of confidence while driving, and this course is an efficient way to prove to students that their confidence is merely an illusion. As a licensed driver, at times my conscience assures me I am able to drive, when in reality I am not able to drive.

Drunk driving is dangerous, and a DUI is a serious offense. Giving students a hands-on experience influences them to think twice about driving impaired, and teaches them how a simple phone call to a family member or friend can change a life.

Selin Minassian


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