Note to New Star Realty: Please leave

A message to New Star Realty regarding the cutting of the Moreton Bay fig tree Friday:

It was brave of you to come out and pretend to show interest in our community at the gathering on Saturday ("Owner stops chopping," Nov. 22). But we didn't believe your sincerity. As far as I am concerned, you should pack up and move out.

You can't say you didn't know the value that this tree and property have to our community — you were told about it. You just didn't care. Your company has lost all credibility in this community.

We the community are angered that you would go reportedly against your word to the Crescenta Valley Town Council and cut into the tree you gave your word that you would not cut! All of us together stood in opposition to the unnecessary defacement of this landmark in our valley.

Your company is not welcome here. Don't damage this community any further. Just leave.

To the Crescenta Valley Town Council:

Be more vigilant! You were voted into office to work with the community, to protect our valley, to be the eyes and ears of potential changes and be the bridge between Los Angeles County and the community.

We don't have many treasures left. Are they all going to disappear before you figure out how to communicate efficiently with the county? This was the first time I considered that it might be better to be annexed to Glendale than stay unincorporated — at least they have laws to protect historic properties.

Pam Lawler

La Crescenta

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