Sickening display of benefits for the rich

I am sure that I have this straight — the Republicans in Congress held the extension of unemployment benefits hostage until President Obama agreed to a two-year extension of the infamous deficit-blossoming Bush tax cuts.

In other words, in order to extend crucial benefits for the unemployed so that they can have continuing help in obtaining basic life needs, like enough food and a roof over their heads, the wealthy will not have to endure even the slightest abridgment of their luxury purchases and luxury lifestyles. Sick, sick, sick!

Just to show the reader the viewpoint from which I write: I do not benefit from an extension of unemployment benefits and know only one person who will, but I do significantly benefit from an extension of the Bush tax cuts.

No doubt some readers will scream "bleeding heart liberal" at me. If that moniker signifies that I'm deeply concerned about the millions upon millions who are less fortunate than me, then I proudly wear that badge.

Robert Morrison


Worried about plastic's effect on environment

Roberta Medford's letter ("Time for a sweeping plastic-bag ban," Nov. 20) was entirely distressing.

I completely agree with the argument about a sweeping plastic bag ban. With the approaching holidays, the rate of consuming plastic bags increases excessively. Since plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, and producing and recycling plastic is expensive and takes a lot energy, manufacturing these bags should be controlled.

In addition, wildlife is threatened by plastic. Some people throw bags away without thinking that the they cover a surface of green grass, so plants cannot breathe completely and sunshine cannot reach them, so they will be damaged. Furthermore, plastic bags cause the death of many species in the world's oceans.

The Earth is not only for humans; the animals and plants have a right to live in a safe, clean and unpolluted environment, too. Medford's idea about cloth bags is a wise solution.

Cloudin Khanlary


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