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Serious concerns about the sediment site

Regarding the story about increased rain this past week, Public Works Director Steve Zurn said of the sediment placement site adjacent to Deukmejian Wilderness Park: “The sediment placement site is doing well, however, it’s very, very wet, and we’re starting to move toward that saturation point.”

I attended many meetings in which the community was addressed by L. A. County Department of Public Works and Glendale officials. At those meetings, concerns were raised by many citizens, including me, about the safety of building a mountain of sediment directly above a large residential area. We were all assured that the debris was being so well compacted and to such a high standard, that it would not inundate the properties below.

In addition, a large drainage system was being constructed under the sediment site, which would direct all of the excess water down, under and away from creating damage. Our concerns of potential massive debris flows were completely negated by all on the expert panel.

Now I read in the News-Press that officials are concerned that the site is reaching a saturation point, which definitely gives the appearance of concern (“Rain expected to intensify,” Dec. 21). Why was something constructed that would even have the potential of being a hazard? Great planning, I assume.


Who will be responsible if there is any loss of property, or worse, loss of life? I was not comfortable with the answers that were given to the community at those many meetings, and I am certainly even less comfortable now.

We can only hope that Mother Nature will be kind to us and perhaps make our government officials look competent.

Eleanor Wacker,

La Crescenta