Forcing hotel out would be a mistake

I am from Minnesota and travel to Glendale for business and also vacation with quite a few people. We always stay at the Golden Key Hotel and shop at the Americana at Brand.

We've been coming out there for more than a decade. The hotel has been a very comfortable place and I know it would be a terrible decision to get rid of a well priced hotel that would bring people to the mall. I enjoy the fact that this hotel is right by the Americana. There is not a good priced hotel in the area that's close by.

Something needs to be worked out with the owner. Building the Americana was an excellent idea and very smart, but forcing the hotel out would be a very terrible and unwise decision. Rick Caruso, I believe, is a smart business man and can come up with a compromise that would benefit both parties. This hotel has welcomed many visitors that would not have normally stayed in Glendale if it wasnt for the location and well priced rooms.

I was disappointed to see this unfold the way it did. Keep Glendale's vibe, history and culture alive! This story should be brought to light, as this would and will change the vibe in this wonderful city.

Shakir Taliaferro

St Paul, Minn.

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