Fate of golf course is a story to watch

I read the article, "News stories to keep tabs on in 2011" in your Jan.1 edition of the Glendale News-Press. While I agree the five items you mention in the article will continue to be important in 2011, I think another very important issue for your readers in Glendale and the Crescenta Valley area will continue to be the fate of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course.

There is a real threat to this wonderful community resource. The Verdugo Hills Golf Course provides an opportunity for everyone in the area to play golf at an extremely affordable price. Further, it provides a beautiful open space that even those who don't play golf can enjoy.

The threat hanging over this great resource is a proposed 229-unit housing development. The impacts of the proposed development will be severe to the area, not the least of which will be traffic on all the surrounding streets, including La Tuna Canyon and the Foothill (210) Freeway and its ramps.

Add to that the loss of the golf course and the open space, and it becomes obvious that this precious resource must be preserved.

The Save the Golf Course Committee has proposed development of a regional park on the site. This park will include the golf course, other recreational uses and memorials to the history of the site. Further, the group's plan allows for a significant secondary use as a water-reclamation facility.

In 2011, we expect Los Angeles to hold public hearings on the applicant's proposed development, including the environmental impact report and various requested city approvals. The public needs to stay aware and participate in these hearings or face the dire consequences.

For those interested in following this story in 2011, the website at http://www.savethegolfcourse.org is the perfect source for information and updates.

Claudia Culling


Here's how Caruso can help Glendale

Rick Caruso's full page color message in the Glendale News-Press was very professional and well written. I am glad he is financially able to expand his Americana at Brand "at no cost to the taxpayers."

Since he now has his "own" money to expand his business, perhaps it's time for him to repay Glendale for the $45-million city property "gift" he got at the beginning of this grand project?

Maybe, he can start by donating to eliminate our city deficit for the next five years.

Joe Neary


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