The hotel and the mall should coexist

I truly believe that Rick Caruso and the Americana at Brand have been and will continue to be a tremendous boon to Glendale, serving to reverse a lot of the disastrous redevelopment that has taken place over the past 35 years ("What public benefit would come of Caruso's quest?" Jan. 18).

However, I read some of the articles detailing Caruso's aggressive bid for the Golden Key Hotel with dismay.

Recently, several of my relatives came to Glendale from the Midwest for the first time. When I arrived to meet them at the Golden Key, they were already singing praises for the hotel — the rooms were so clean; the front desk staff was so very friendly.

When I suggested that we go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, we walked the short distance from the Golden Key into the Americana, and they were amazed! They marveled at the fountains and all the beautiful surroundings. And they ended up spending a fair amount of time not going to Disneyland or Hollywood, but shopping and dining and spending money right here in Glendale.

I don't begrudge Caruso wanting to expand the Americana and develop more properties in Glendale. However, I have to ask myself, do I really need more expensive shops and restaurants in town that I can't afford to patronize as much as I would like to? Wouldn't it be great if Golden Key Hotel owner Ray Patel and Caruso could get together and strike a deal to incorporate the hotel into the architecture of the Americana, with Patel ensuring that the hotel remains comfortable and affordable for the average traveler?

My relatives were planning another trip to Glendale later this year and they were looking forward to staying once again at the Golden Key and visiting the Americana. Caruso and Patel are two smart businessmen who are extremely valuable to our community. It's a shame they don't realize how much they could benefit each other.

Come on guys, can't you just learn to get along?

J. Scott LaBissoniere


Follow the proposed development story, too

Whether this is for the Mailbag, or just a comment to Dan Evans, we're not sure. As very concerned citizens about the future of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, we hope our local newspaper will give it the attention it deserves and needs. Thank you.

In reading your stories to watch for in 2011, we feel there's one more that should have been mentioned: the results of the Final Impact Environmental Report (FEIR) concerning the Verdugo Hills Golf Course. Although the course does not lie in Glendale, it certainly is used by many Glendalians, probably none of whom want to lose this beautiful facility. The FEIR results concerning the proposed building of 229 homes will have much influence as to whether that project should be allowed to go forward.

This is certainly an important subject that will need to be covered by the News-Press and we hope that you will consider it as such.

Judy Seelig

La Crescenta

Submit design ideas for next year's float

Following up on Garry Ackerman's Jan. 15 letter, "Lots of hard work went into float," I submit the following:

Only by community and City Council support and involvement can we expect to continue to be one of the original participants of the Tournament of Roses Parade. In past years, the city of Glendale has won numerous trophies due to exceptional community support.

If you have chosen to become a resident of our beautiful city and partake of our services, why wouldn't you support such a widely viewed endeavor that definitely sheds a positive light on our community? Increased support and involvement will definitely provide us with a much more competitive float.

With that in mind, float design ideas for the 2012 theme of "Imagine" will be accepted until Feb. 15 at Glendale Rose Float Assn., P.O. Box 564, Glendale, CA 91209-0564. Requirements: 8-1/2" x 11", black and white with personal information on the back (name, address, phone and e-mail). Float must be under 17 feet high and no more than 35 feet long.

Elaine Alexander


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