Can't the city read the signs?

For a shopping area that's been hanging on after seeing the business end of a protracted recession, the city clampdown on sidewalk advertising boards in Montrose Shopping Park seems like kicking someone when they're down.

Government rules and codes should be purposeful, which is why merchants along Honolulu Avenue in Montrose are understandably upset that officials invoked the ban on sidewalk signs for the area that has already seen at least two storefronts suffocated by the recession.

When staying afloat is literally determined by getting just one or two more customers in the door, every ounce of promotion counts. Until the Trader Joe's is completed, the Montrose Shopping Park won't have a main traffic driver like other parts of town, which is why it's incumbent on the city to be less bureaucratic and more purposeful in how it shepherds a struggling business community in the meantime.

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