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Keep large signs out of the hills

I must reply to the letter from William Slaughter (“Not a big fan of a sign of the times,” Jan. 27).

Of course others are offended by the huge signs on the hillside above the freeways!

No. 1, who actually owns that undeveloped property? No. 2, did Glendale completely do away with all their sign ordinances? No. 3, when can we expect every square inch of our hills to be covered with various signs?

The Realtor did not do herself a favor by throwing up that sign.


Jacqueline Castleman


Hillside billboards look offensive

William Slaughter needn’t worry, he is not alone (“Not a big fan of a sign of the times,” Jan. 27).


We too are offended by the billboards on what was a beautiful hillside. Assuming these signs are within Glendale city limits, doesn’t the city have a sign ordinance? Do the billboards comply with that ordinance?

Dan and Sherry Stubbs

La Crescenta/North Glendale

Excited about the Sunday News-Press

I was so thrilled this morning to receive the Sunday edition of the Glendale News-Press. It is very exciting, as it is my favorite newspaper, and I look forward to reading it cover to cover!

The writing is excellent in the News-Press, and now we can have more local news events covered in depth. Said depth is what is missing in most newspapers, along with lack of coverage for the local arts, music, theater and film.

I also love all of the local advertising, as often I am so busy I do not know about new businesses and restaurants in my neighborhood, so only through adverts do businesses reach their customers.


Thanks again for your excellent newspaper!

Velvet Rhodes