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High-speed rail project will fail

Stop the California High Speed Rail project.

This is a colossal waste of billions of dollars. No public transportation system in America has ever operated without a government subsidy. California will be subsidizing this operation forever.

Just look at Amtrak. This a perfect example of how we got into this economic mess, not paying attention to the future ongoing costs of a project. How will we pay for this subsidy? It will never be able to compete with the airlines on routes like L.A. to Sacramento, or if it does, then it will wind up putting the airlines out of business.

It is another fine example of corporate welfare where several well connected construction companies will extract millions in profits from the California voters. Any jobs created will evaporate after the project is completed.


Not to mention the fact that all of the rolling stock will be purchased from foreign countries since we don’t produce high-speed rail cars or engines in America.

David North