Garen Mailyan

Age: 38

Occupation: I have an M.A. in political science from Cal State Northridge. I am a political scientist by training, but I work as a security officer. I have not been able to find a job that is relevant to my education for pure discrimination reasons.

Political experience: I have done some grass-roots work for conservative causes.

Endorsements: I did not seek any endorsements. I might in the future. God endorses me. That is enough.

Why are you running for Glendale City Council?

I am running to heal this broken city, motivated by Christ's love.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I touch on issues that people discuss only around their kitchen tables, such as ethnic divide. Candidates generally stay clear of this subject.

Glendale is expected to face a General Fund budget deficit upward of $10 million next fiscal year. If elected, what specifically would you do to close the gap?

Whether General Fund or not, there is only one way to address the deficit, and that is by exercising fiscal discipline and by controlling spending. I will never vote for a spending plan that is over 90% of the revenue — 10% should always go to a reserve fund.

Beyond budget woes, what other major issues are Glendale facing?

Glendale faces an ethnic-cultural conflict and divide that affects all spheres of life, including in the Police Department. I will investigate the charges of discrimination brought against Glendale police by some of its officers. That issue needs clarification. The city should not be afraid of finding out the truth.

What would be your No. 1 priority if elected?

My first priority will be healing this city that is broken in ethnic-cultural and economic terms.

Do you think Glendale should have an ethics ordinance, and why?

I am all for an ethics ordinance. That will prevent dishonest dealings on the part of elected officials. When it does not prevent them, it will help investigate suspicious matters.

God bless all Glendalians. I love you.

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