Mike Mohill

Age: 68

Occupation: Retired businessman

Political experience: three years as a city watchdog

Endorsements: (None listed.)

Why are you running for Glendale City Council?

To restore the public trust in government. To control the runaway city budget and out-of-control pensions. To restore our priorities to our infrastructure and quality of life

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I am not accountable to the city employee unions, nor to any land developer.

Glendale is expected to face a General Fund budget deficit upward of $10 million next fiscal year. If elected, what specifically would you do to close the gap?

We need to reduce a bloated management that has grown nearly 40% since 1998. We need to restore the pension system to the more prudent arrangement we had when most of the employees were hired.

Beyond budget woes, what other major issues are Glendale facing?

Nearly all issues relate to the use of money. If we spend tens of millions more each year on pensions, we don't have the money to hire police resource officers. We don't have the money to fix our fresh water lines, our roads, or improve our open spaces. Without money we can't put additional traffic signals to control traffic. Without money we can't provide the right law enforcement to reduce reckless driving, speeding and pedestrian injuries. Without money we can't fix our roads.

What would be your No. 1 priority if elected?

To reduce our expenditures to match our revenues.

Do you think Glendale should have an ethics ordinance, and why?

Absolutely. The public must know before every council vote if the sitting council member received any money or favors from the applicant. We must have open knowledge of the calendar of each council member, with whom they are meeting and why.

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