Dave Weaver

Age: 71

Occupation: Glendale city councilman

Political Experience: 14 years on the Glendale City Council.

Endorsements: None, and I am not accepting any.

Why are you running for Glendale City Council?

I like to help my community and deal with the complex issues that affect my lifetime hometown.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I have lived in Glendale my whole life and been involved in many community activities. And I have years of experience as a council member involved in all types of city issues and a deep knowledge of how our city was and is today.

Glendale is expected to face a General Fund budget deficit upward of $10 million next fiscal year. If elected, what specifically would you do to close the gap?

The city staff and council will have to work together to find ways to balance the budget. No one does it alone. We will have to look at more opportunities for mutual cooperation with nearby cities and negotiate new, conservative labor contracts with our employee associations. Our objective is to not reduce city services, but to reduce the cost of providing those services.

Beyond budget woes, what other major issues are Glendale facing?

An all-encompassing challenge is for us to maintain the vitality and quality of all sectors of Glendale, both business and residential in a time of a recessionary period. Working with all sectors during these times and giving them as much support as possible is critical, as well as maintaining our standing as one of the safest cities in the United States.

What would be your No. 1 priority if elected?

To help balance the budget in light of our recessionary times and future actions the state Legislature may take against local entities.

Do you think Glendale should have an ethics ordinance, and why?

We have strong Fair Political Practices Commission regulations, conduct codes and strong campaign finance limits. I am supportive of stronger ethics provisions as long as we do not have to create a bureaucracy to make it more meaningful.

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