Man told to stay away from library

CIVIC CENTER — A homeless man on Friday was ordered to stay away from the Glendale Central Library for three years after harassing and threatening to hit several city employees.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Laura Matz issued the restraining order to Daryll Worrell after hearing testimony from three library employees who claimed to have either seen, or been a victim of, his harassment since last year.

Some employees testified that Worrell made derogatory references about their sexuality or weight and threatened to hit them.

Library staffer Owen Unda said Worrell called him a "sissy boy" and told him that "he was cruising for a bruising" during one run-in.

"I was nervous. No one has ever approached me like that," Unda testified.

Worrell, who represented himself during the hearing, told Unda that he didn't recall calling him a homosexual because "you don't even look like one."

Library Administrative Analyst Jay Wollenhaupt testified that Worrell's tone of voice and demeanor was intimidating.

He told Matz that Worrell had been glaring at him and nine other city employees who were scheduled to testify outside the courtroom before the hearing.

The city obtained an emergency restraining order against Worrell last month after he allegedly punched a patron in November and harassed several others, police officials said.

Worrell also often pleaded with patrons for cigarettes and money, but when he was declined, he became angry and violent, officials said.

Worrell was also arrested Feb. 19 after he allegedly punched a Barnes & Noble assistant manager in the face.

Barnes & Noble employees asked Worrell last year to stay away from the store at the Americana at Brand after the alleged disturbances, Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

Worrell claimed in court that he was the victim of harassment, so he acted out in defense by calling the employees names and threatening to hurt them.

"All I did was defend myself against the harassment and I confronted the harassers," he said.

But Matz advised Worrell that if he was harassed, he should have requested a restraining order.

"The issue is not what other people have done to you, the issue is you," she said.

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