He'd like more police stings

Kudos to the Glendale Police Department for their recent “sting” operation (“Crack-down hits distracted drivers,” March 8).

I don't know whether it's just plain stupidity or arrogance in the minds of these people who drive around with a cellphone in their ears, but whatever, I'm really pleased to read about such crackdowns and would like to see more.

Gary Mercer


What’s diversity got to do with it?

I read with interest your article recently on the problems Glendale Community College is having from the officials who are investigating their accreditation with the Western Assn. of Colleges.

One of the issues which bothered me is that they are looking into the area of how many diverse employees they have. This angers me when you think that affirmative action has been banned for many years.

Does diversity have any correlation with regard to the acumen of our professors and teachers at Glendale College?

I doubt it. Our genes determine ethnicity, not anything any human being has any control of.

We should support our college with regard to this single issue that the accreditation committee should never take into affect diversity of any employees in any college.

Affirmative action is banned by the Supreme Court, yet it seems to raise its ugly head in this accreditation process.

Arthur Rutledge



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