Where have the gadflies been?

City Council candidate Mike Mohill's criminal record is relevant to his character, ethics and suitability for public office (“Candidate's criminal history becomes public,” March 10). However, let's also bear in mind that he has paid his debts to society and under our system of justice, suffers no further legal sanctions.

My question is about the quality of gadflying in our fair city — that these facts have not been previously revealed. They certainly haven't been in the vanguard on this story.

Roberta Medford


Confused by little yellow lights

When I drive downtown and see those little yellow lights flashing from the roadway, I really don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do.

Do I stop behind the crosswalk and wait for the lights to stop blinking, even though there may be no one crossing the street? If there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk, can I proceed after he has passed in front of my car, or do I have to wait until he is safe on the sidewalk?

I have been driving in Glendale for more than 40 years and I really can't recall any instructions regarding these mid-intersection crosswalks. Why not just make them red/green signals and coordinate them with the lights at the intersections?

Since my idea would cost money, why not print a short column that defines exactly how drivers and pedestrians are supposed to use these signals?

David Foster


Note to Caruso: Build an affordable hotel

I would love to respectfully forward this suggestion to Rick Caruso.

The smartest way to go would be to upgrade the Golden Key hotel or build a new affordable hotel.

It would be great for visiting family and friends to be able to stay in a wonderfully central and exciting location where they can enjoy all the goodness the Americana at Brand and downtown Glendale have to offer.

As someone who lives in the Chevy Chase Canyon area, I have neither room nor enough time to properly show my visitors around town, as most of them come from a non-English-speaking country and are elderly. It's not wise or easy for them to get around by themselves.

I am sure this situation plays out in our area every day. They would be able to enjoy the shopping, the restaurants, the movie theater, all at their doorstep.

Think about it, Mr. Caruso, please!

Nina Pécora-García



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