Drivers, please slow down!

As a new resident in the foothills of Glendale, I am enjoying so much of what this community has to offer.

However, my greatest concern is making it up and down my hillside roads alive every day. I have witnessed people behind the wheel of their cars doing the most unimaginably dangerous driving.

They are speeding, encroaching into the other lane and passing on these steep and blind curving roads, risking their lives and those of others. I also like to walk on these hilly streets, but I fear for my life every time I step foot off the curb.

I want to appeal to the drivers in these hills to use safe driving practices (like the ones you used to get your driver's license), drive more cautiously, and above all, slow down.

I am pleased to see more Glendale law enforcement in the hills in an effort to manage this problem and maintain safety. Making it up or down the hill one minute faster isn't worth risking your life, or the lives of innocent people.

Susan Delaney


A criminal record is public record

Mike Mohill, the self-proclaimed watchdog for the city of Glendale, now is proclaiming himself to be the victim of discrimination by being “outed” by Councilman John Drayman for bringing to light his criminal record (“Glendale Council candidate: I'm gay,” March 16).

Mohill is attempting to put a spin on his criminal record by calling it a “personal” matter.

Sorry, Mike, when you have a criminal record, it is a matter of public record. Criminal records do not fall into the category of being “personal.”

I would venture to say that there millions upon millions of gay men that have no criminal records. Mohill’s criminal record is totally separate from his sexual orientation. He has a criminal record and the voters of Glendale need to be aware of it.

No one is “desperate” when they reveal pertinent information about a candidate. I, for one, want to render an informed vote.

Carole Weling



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