Police hand out more than 80 citations in rush-hour sting

More than 80 people were cited Friday on suspicion of talking or texting on hand-held cell phones while driving in South Glendale’s rush hour traffic, police said.

Glendale police issued citations to 77 drivers who were allegedly talking on their cell phones while behind the wheel, Sgt. Dennis Smith said. Another six motorists got tickets for allegedly texting while driving, he added.

“Most people do recognize that it is wrong,” Smith said.

Friday’s sting was the first grant-funded operation to be conducted during rush hour traffic, he said.

Most drivers were cooperative with police and didn’t contest that they were talking or texting on the phone while driving, Smith said.

Since the start of this year, police have cited more than 200 motorists during the stings for allegedly talking and texting.

The operations have been funded through a $254,795-state grant aimed at decreasing the number of distracted drivers.

-Veronica Rocha

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