Drivers to blame for collisions

It amazes me that the police doesn't know what is causing the pedestrian/driver collisions (“Amid car vs. pedestrian crashes police stress safety,” March 25).

True, pedestrians need to be aware and be cautious when crossing streets, but pedestrians have been crossing streets in Glendale all along — past and present — and we did not have so many collisions in the past.

What is causing car vs. pedestrian crashes are drivers. I live in North Glendale in a quiet suburban area, and each day I encounter drivers who are not stopping at stop signs, are speeding, are on their cell phones and seem to think that they are the only people on the road.

How many more fatalities do we need in our city? The police need to focus on reckless drivers, as that is where the problem lies.

Katherine Wolfe


Artist pleased to take part in program

My artwork was recently selected for the city's GATE program (Glendale Area

Temporary Exhibitions, where vacant storefronts are converted to art displays, and I'd like to let you know how pleased I am to participate (“Artist's exhibit is comment on material world,” March 10).

As an artist participating in GATE, I am delighted to have this opportunity, and my work is currently on display in the windows on Broadway, between Orange Street and Brand Boulevard. I sincerely appreciate making new work (large-scale installation), exhibiting my work locally, getting my message out, and having the pleasure of working with an experienced and talented curator (Tucker Neel).

As a Glendale resident, I feel that our city needs more public art, to keep a balance between material and spiritual growth. It's all too easy for our senses to become dulled by a barrage of advertisements and commercial graphics.

Public art, museums and parks in our city's center send the signal that there is more to life than commerce; they make our city more livable, and it becomes more enjoyable to spend time in the downtown area.

Other cities (Pasadena, Los Angeles and Long Beach, for example) have run similar programs for several years already. The GATE program, and the organization running it, demonstrate that Glendale, too, cares about our quality of life.

I believe that the GATE program gradually will make our city a more beautiful place to live. Thank you to the City Council for making this program possible.

Srboohie Abajian

La Crescenta


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