Adults learn computer secrets

There is a class at the Glendale Central Library that might not exist if not for Elizabeth Grigorian.

Since 2005, Grigorian, a community outreach coordinator at the library, has taught a free class on computer basics at the library.

At first, Grigorian taught her computer class for seniors in the community before noticing that many of Glendale’s Armenian-speaking adults were missing out.

Grigorian arranged to teach the same computer class in Armenian. It took her seven months to translate her 125-page instructional booklet from English to Armenian.

“It was hard work,” she said. But that h

ard work has paid off. Her 12-week class has remained popular. Grigorian estimates that she has taught approximately 800 Armenian-speaking adults basic computer functions and Internet tools.

“They don’t miss class unless there’s something really bad — something out of their hands,” Grigorian said.

At the start of class, Grigorian reviews website addresses that end with .edu, .com., .gov and .org, quizzing the students on which site denotes a commercial business, a non-profit, a government agency or academic institution.

In the beginning of the weekly class, Grigorian helps each student create his or her own e-mail address.

One of Grigorian’s teaching techniques is to call on students randomly or ask them to repeat the same information several consecutive times.

The class also visits the Web sites of local and international news organizations.

Using a projector, Grigorian leads the class in a lesson on how one can apply for a job through company websites or online job portals.

Betty Bairamian, a Glendale resident, did not know how to use the Internet for e-mail or accessing websites before taking Grigorian’s class.

Bairamian is an artist who has traveled to countries such as Korea, Germany and Switzerland for art-related functions. She said she is most looking forward to communicating with her artist friends using e-mail.

Several students indicated that the relevance of computers in daily life convinced them they should sign up for the class when they did.

“We are grateful for Elizabeth,” Bairamian said.

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