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Thank you, candidates

I have been following this election season. My wife thinks I’m crazy.

I still keep reading the articles, divisive as they are. I find myself watching reruns on Channel 6. She probably is right. Well, having endured some highs and plenty of lows, I have continued through.

I feel I would be turning a blind eye if I did not mention some of the mudslinging. The vitriolic attack on Councilman John Drayman seemed out of any proportion or wisdom. The “outing” of Mike Mohill felt so hurtful, even if part of the public record.

What a joy it has been to see the community come together to support Measure S (“Board incumbents, Measure S win,” April 6). Bravo. Which brings me full circle to the reason for this letter. I just wanted to say thank you.


Thank you each and every one who have stepped up and been a candidate. Thank you Mohill and thank you Drayman. Thank you incumbents, first-timers and returning suspects. Thank you pithy pontificators, speaking to crowds of six. If you bore me, I’ll still thank you.

If you are elected by a minimal margin, thanks. If you are embarrassingly defeated, yup, thanks. Every election I know comes at a price, but this one got under my skin more. I found myself irritated. I squirmed.

So, I am writing to say thank you.

Tim Jagoe


La Crescenta

Isn’t busting violators their job?

Will someone please explain why the Glendale Police Department needs a “grant funded enforcement operation” in order to cite drivers who break the law related to cell phone and texting actions while driving (“Month-long crackdown on distracted driving begins; 50 citations issued,” April 4)?

I thought the salary paid to a police officer meant he or she was responsible for upholding the law, sans state grants and other monetary aids.

Neil Hays