Just print more money

Rep. Adam Schiff believes that the United States should provide economic assistance to fledgling democracies in the Middle East (“Local reps talk of aiding Middle East,” March 27).

“Our current economic circumstances cannot cripple us from seeing the opportunity and the necessity of a vigorous effort now,” he said. “How can we find the resources to help those countries economically stay on the path they are on?”

Answer: Print more money. After all, the national debt is a mere $12 trillion. The bank bail-out cost a paltry $245 billion. The state of California deals with a trifling $20-billion deficit.

Damn the deficit! Start the presses!

Les Hammer


Save the street sweepers

Phillip Settle stated in a recent letter (“Get rid of street sweepers,” March 25) that Glendale does not need street sweepers.

He obviously knows nothing about my neighborhood in South Glendale, which has been a “red-tag area” for many years.

Due to overcrowded apartment buildings with no off-street parking, our gutters are always filled with trash thrown out of vehicles and messes left behind by those who are always working on their cars.

Also contributing is heavy foot traffic, and the area is frequented by gangs and transients. Add to this all of the falling leaves.

As soon as the street sweeper passes by it starts all over again, and it gets worse every year. Without this service it would be unimaginable.

Jeanne Reese



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