Saving water? Keep doing it.

It took all of two weeks after Gov. Jerry Brown declared the state’s drought at an end for local utilities to start the process of rolling back water restrictions, potentially erasing a year of training consumers to conserve a finite resource.

Yes, the reservoirs are full and the mountains are flush. But we’ve seen this sort of ebb and flow before. And each time it ebbs, utilities scramble to re-train customers to conserve.

Some officials have hedged their plans to roll back outdoor watering restrictions — the Crescenta Valley Water District has already lifted its rules — with calls for customers to keep in mind that we all live in an arid climate, and that water should still be treated as a precious resource. They also note that rules against some of the more egregious acts of waste — hosing down your driveway, for instance — will remain.

But to the water users out there who over the past year have altered their lifestyles to be more drought-friendly, we say, keep doing what you’re doing. Despite the overblown fears, our city hasn’t turned into a brown patchwork of tumbleweed lawns. We have all made water restrictions part of our lives, and the environment is better for it.

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