Candidates rarely come through

The turnout for the recent election in Glendale was low, about 24%. I think for most voters who did not bother to vote, laziness does not count (“Drayman loses City Council seat,” April 15).

But the sad reality is the mindset that it will not make a difference if Mr. X is elected and Mr. Y is not elected — our lives will be the same.

Look at the past 20 years and see how many times the candidates made promises to voters and did not fulfill them after they got to office. There is absolutely no accountability on their part to pursue what they promised before the election. And as long as it continues this way, there will be low turnout in every election.

After all, elections are now about getting into office, not about making our lives better.

I did not vote, did you?

Martik Abramian


Columnist’s title is a real mouthful

The Rev. Kimberlie Zakarian (“Faith and Life: Pain as one of life's lessons,” April 14) seems to add different titles and/or letters after her name and even change the city from where she counsels people, so I must admit I had to sift through past issues to find out exactly what an LFMT was.

It seems it stands for licensed marriage and family therapist, which I imagine is similar to an MFCC, whatever that stands for.

But I have a better title. Since she calls herself a reverend as well, perhaps she should be a licensed and sanctified marriage and family therapist.

Cigarette companies have been barred from advertising on radio and TV for more than 40 years now, but with a title like LS/MFT, she could be a walking ad for “Lucky Strike/Means Fine Tobacco!”

Rick Rofman

Van Nuys

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