The Crosby Chronicles: The cameras are always rolling

Just last week, I took seven students to a national journalism convention in Anaheim.

Even though these young people are highly responsible, and even though one of the students’ father was picking most of them up, I had to remain at the convention until every single student was accounted for and safely returned. Otherwise, my job would be on the line, not to mention possible lawsuits filed by litigious parents.

Therefore, it is incredulous to me whenever I read about an incident like the one at Burroughs High School where an assistant coach allegedly gave beer to 11 members of the varsity baseball team while in Arizona.

How can a teacher in today’s day and age, with video cameras embedded in cell phones, take such a chance as serving alcohol to minors? What was the man thinking?

One should always assume a camera is on them. Think about Kobe Bryant a week ago and the homosexual slur he uttered during a game.

Teachers should be role models, and those going into the profession should hold their students and themselves to high standards. Not so in this case, and now the entire season for these ballplayers has been canceled due to one man’s poor decision.

Who says one person can’t change things?

BRIAN CROSBY is a teacher at Hoover High School, the author of Smart Kids, Bad Schools and The $100,000 Teacher, and the proud adoptive father of Noble. He can be reached at

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