Get rid of sidewalk tripping hazards

Have you seen or stumbled on one of those black rubber domes in the Glendale sidewalks?

For 100 years, American cities have constructed flat, non-skid sidewalks. Glendale has expended and continues to expend millions of dollars repairing and replacing uneven sidewalks. So why is Glendale Water & Power being permitted to install domed "smart grid meter" lids in our sidewalks?

A meter program official assured me that the meters can be read just as efficiently if a lid is flat. In fact, the utility has installed a flat lid for at least one homeowner who complained about the rubber bump in his driveway.

Who authorized installation of these ankle-twisting lids that, when slightly dislodged, can snag a toe or heel, and when fully removed (as I have seen in my neighborhood) leave hazardous holes in a sidewalk due to removal of lids that are very difficult to reposition?

Since February, I have been unable to get a satisfactory answer to this question via letters and phone calls to the city.

Anne V. Howell


Royal wedding was something to behold

I watched Britain's royal wedding from the beginning to the end. It was beautiful, and Kate looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her!

The only flaw was that the tottery Camilla Parker Bowles was there rather than the ill-fated Princess Diana.

I wish the newlyweds every blessing in the world.

Francis Adams


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