Library is integral part of neighborhood

The Casa Verdugo Branch Library should not be closed (“Libraries could shoulder brunt of budget cuts,” May 12). It is a vital living part of the neighborhood.

During the open hours, it is always full of people reading, students (young and old) studying, mothers and children, people using the computers, and individuals checking out and returning books. Adult literacy, preschool story hour and public school programs are an integral part of the library's program.

Children and senior citizens can walk to the library. It serves a very diverse ethnic group, which helps the community become more cohesive.

During these hard times, the last thing that should be closed is this public library.

Louise Phelan


Ask the state senator about her vote

I was astonished to learn that state Sen. Carol Liu (D-La Cañada Flintridge) voted against Senate Bill 417, which would have forbid using welfare debit cards to purchase alcohol or tobacco. You might ask her. Her office is at 710 S. Central Ave., Glendale.

Greg Meyer


Assemblyman’s office too far from district

The article in Sunday's News-Press Leader regarding political redistricting (“Residents push for fair redistricting,” May 15) for various areas failed to recognize the area of Glendale bounded on the west by Lowell Avenue, on the east by Pennsylvania Avenue and on the south by Honolulu Avenue.

This is not unusual as we are “forgotten” more than remembered. Our assemblyman is Cameron Smyth, whose office is in Santa Clarita, more than 35 miles from this area!

I think we should have an assembly member a bit closer to our homes and businesses, don't you?

Dick Seeley


No surprise over fund mishandling

Never a dull moment in Glendale as to the alleged misuse of millions of dollars for Armenian Genocide victims (“Attorneys at war over genocide,” May 15).

On the one hand, you have attorney Mark Geragos and Brian Kabateck allegedly ignoring legitimate claimants, and then on the other hand you have Vartkes Yeghiayan and his wife, attorney Rita Mahdessian setting up sham charities.

They have the foxes watching the hen house. All I can say is thanks for the Sunday morning laugh.

To the poor souls looking at that bunch to do the right thing, I sadly say, “May God help you and welcome to the party.”

Marianne Wood


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