Saluting Glendale Youth Orchestra

I am not bashful about saying the lost jewel in the Jewel City is the Glendale Youth Orchestra.

This group of talented young musicians has been in this city now for 22 years. Here is a positive take on today’s youth. The conductor, Brad Keimach, is unparalleled as a teacher and mentor.

I invite you to sample the exceptional music at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Alex Theatre. Let’s fill the seats and salute these young people.

Joseph Lazara


Keep promoting bicycle usage

I think it’s just wonderful to have special events to motivate people to ride bicycles more. It would be amazing if we motivate students to ride bicycles!

In today’s bad economy, people are searching for ways to save money. Some students start riding their bicycles to school instead of driving cars to avoid extra fuel costs. It would be great if the city of Glendale take actions toward developing bicycle lanes, especially around school areas.

Not every street in Glendale has a distinct bike lane, which could help motivate students to ride more. It would also help them save money and promote health at the same time.

Tina Zadourian


Casa Verdugo library must survive

This past Thursday, I was highly honored to have my photo taken by a Glendale News-Press photographer while using a computer at the Casa Verdugo Branch Library (although I was ultimately left on the cutting-room floor).

However, I was shocked, absolutely shocked, to learn that the photo shoot centered around a city proposal to close this library (“Libraries could shoulder brunt of budget cuts,” May 12)!

This library has served as an intellectual mainstay of north Glendale for six decades. Not only does it contain an extensive repository of books, but also includes a broad range of magazines, newspapers and videos, all of which are widely utilized.

Not only is the children's section comprehensive, but there are weekly mind-stimulating Storytime programs held there for youngsters.

Additionally, the library includes computers for adults and youngsters that are in virtual constant use by patrons.

And, there are visually engaging, informative displays in a glass case in the lobby that are regularly changed, providing more intellectual stimulation.

Moreover, there is a Xerox machine that is readily accessible.

Furthermore, the staffers are both knowledgeable and courteous, helping guests find books and making suggestions for reading materials.

In short, the closure of the Casa Verdugo Library would be analogous to puncturing a hole in the heart of the community of north Glendale.

By the way, the idea that the patrons could simply travel to the Central Library is illogical, as it is already overtaxed and would, I believe, be overwhelmed by this influx of refugees from Casa Verdugo.

So, I appeal to the City Council to spare this wonderful institution.

Franklin Ruehl


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