Americana theater beats Burbank options

The May 22 article, “Burbank theaters are a big draw,” says Burbank cinemas are a big draw. Not for me.

Loud music in the halls, sitting through advertising before the movie starts and a long stream of trailers. When I went to see “Conspirator” on April 15, the show was nearly 15 minutes late in starting. I know, you save money at the early shows. You get what you pay for.

I much prefer the Pacific Theaters at the Americana at Brand. Developer Rick Caruso has some class.

Stuart Ray


Diaspora must give aid to Armenia

In his article “U.N. official: Armenia needs aid,” on May 4, Bill Kisliuk reports about the recent economic hardships Armenia is facing as it tries to recover from a painful recession. The U.N.’s resident coordinator in Armenia, Dafina Gercheva said that support from the Diaspora (about 8 million Armenians living outside the country) is crucial to that economic recovery.

As a person who was born and raised in Armenia, and a representative of Diaspora for the last 20 years of my life, I am deeply concerned with the future of my historic homeland. My relatives and school friends back in Armenia, TV and Internet news provide me with fair and broad information on the economic and political reality in modern Armenia. I strongly agree with assertions that the Diaspora needs to coordinate assistance.

I urge Armenians who are concerned with the well-being of their homeland to coordinate aid efforts, and I am happy to know that the local Armenian community is among the great supporters of Armenia through various business projects, investments and donations.

Narek Tumanyan



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