We need to better value our teachers

Dear Mr. New (“Don't take from us to pay for them,” May 26): Did you have a public education? Did you have a teacher that you remember as having contributed to your intellectual growth or enlightened you in any way?

Did your children, or do you know anyone with children, who attend public schools? Do you agree that public education is essential to an informed electorate and contributes to a civilized society and strong economy? Teachers (and other “government employees” who provide essential services) have never gotten rich doing their job — they are struggling like the rest of us.

Teachers pay taxes too. Our public education system, from K-12 to community colleges, to state colleges and universities, is on the verge of collapse due to the current budget situation. Teachers have already taken pay cuts, and some have lost their jobs, making it difficult for children and young adults to get a quality education and go on to contribute to society and the economy.

Extending current taxes, and yes, even raising taxes, to ensure our children receive a quality education should be one of our top priorities. People like you who think that “saving teachers” will “penalize ourselves” are a big part of the problem.

Nancy Greene



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