Calling Rafi and Frank...

On what planet are Councilmen Rafi Manoukian and Frank Quintero living?

Manoukian nominates Aram Kazazian to a position on the Glendale Water & Power Commission and Quintero casts a favorable vote.

Thank goodness that City Council members Laura Friedman, Dave Weaver and Ara Najarian had their heads screwed on straight and voted against this ridiculous nomination (“Council nixes commission candidate,” June 1).

This is the same Kazazian who built the huge, completely illegal “El Tovar” house while he was a member of the city’s Board of Zoning Adjustments. Get it? Zoning Adjustments!

Does anyone remember that dark moment in Glendale history? The controversy went on for months and resulted in some low-level housing inspector getting a stern warning never to let anything like that happen again. It was no doubt one of the finest jobs of sweeping something under the rug that has ever occurred in Glendale.

The person who suffered the most from Kazazian’s unlawful behavior was Dr. Ramin Karjoo, who bought El Tovar in good faith and then was forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars bringing the place up to some kind of trumped-up compliance so he could occupy the house.

Kazazian’s name should never be mentioned at City Hall again, and Manoukian and Quintero should be ashamed.

If there is no better person than Kazazian to nominate for a commission in Glendale, then we are in serious, big trouble.

Jim Kussman


Not another stupid gun law

Seems that Assemblyman Anthony Portantino has too much time on his hands.

Our state is $19 billion in the red and he introduces legislation to ban open display of firearms — not bills to stimulate our economy, reduce our 11.9% unemployment rate or address the huge deficits.

It doesn’t matter to him that those who carry openly are the law-abiding citizens he wishes to turn into criminals with another of his foolish, feel-good liberal anti-gun laws.

Hey, Port, why don’t you author a bill to ban backpacks because that’s where that Tucson nut and Gardena thug carried their guns?

Truth be told, you would be much safer among a group of open carries than a bunch of packing backpackers. Just another example of liberal idiocy. Lunatics and thugs don’t care or obey gun laws — that’s why they are lunatics and thugs. You liberals cry alligator tears publicly for civility, yet your hatred for guns and law abiding gun owners exposes your true colors.

If you want civility, then leave the gun owners alone and stop trying to impose your will on them. Why don’t you get to work and concentrate on fixing California — we don’t need another stupid gun law.

Bob Tanabe

La Cañada Flintridge

Boosting the Toastmasters

Regarding Gary Huerta’s May 31 column, “Unclassified Info: Public speaking as character builder,” I could not agree more.

There should be more opportunities for kids to do public speaking. But it’s never too late to learn: Since 1924, more than 4 million people around the world have become more confident speakers because of their participation in Toastmasters.

Find out by visiting any of the many Toastmasters clubs all over the Glendale-Burbank area (including mine).

Jeff Harman


Editor’s note: Harman is president of the Prepared Speakers Toastmasters Club.

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