DeBell as a community garden?

While I am well aware that the majority of our local politicians, with the exception of Councilman David Gordon, ran for office to advance their personal socioeconomic status, calling a playground for those of us that enjoy smoking cigars and wearing sweater vests “too big to fail” is outright insulting (“Struggling links could get help,” June 8).

Mayor Jess Talamantes did catch on to something, however, when he called it a “jewel,” because a failed De Bell Golf Club could certainly turn into a viable composting center, community garden, or park.

Whenever citizens attend a City Council meeting to express valid concerns over, or suggestions to improve, city services, they are typically brushed off with the claim that Burbank lacks the resources to adequately patrol our parks, address environmental issues or provide other necessary services.

One would think that there would be a considerably larger public outcry over comments such as this, but then again, only a handful of people actually follow our local politics.

Jeffrey W. Prutz



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