Portantino deserves to be questioned

Reader Bob Tanabe (“Not another stupid gun law,” June 5) took a well-deserved swipe at Assemblyman Anthony “Time-On-His-Hands” Portantino for his legislation to ban the open display of firearms at a time when California is drowning in red ink.

Bob, take another swipe at Port — one of 51 Assembly members who voted on May 5 for a bill that would make undocumented students (read: illegal immigrants) eligible for privately funded scholarships.

Last November, Portantino told me at a La Cañada City Council meeting that he supports the California Dream Act for undocumented students. He denied that the Dream Act would displace citizens or legal residents when, in fact, California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott told the Los Angeles Times that 140,000 students did not enroll last year because they could not get into classes.

And Portantino believes that illegal immigrants deserve to be at the head of the line?

Les Hammer


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