Traffic tickets in wholesale numbers

GLENDALE — Police officers issued more than 150 citations to speeding motorists and distracted drivers as they fanned across Glendale’s busiest thoroughfares in the past week.

Officers cited 94 motorists for speeding and 78 drivers for talking on cell phones or texting while driving on city streets, Police Sgt. Dennis Smith said. Grant-funded speed enforcements typically yield 70 to 80 citations, Smith said.

“It was a little higher than normal,” he said.

Police are likely to see more speeders this summer, especially at night, he added.

Speeders were spotted on Whiting Woods and San Fernando roads, Honolulu, Pacific and Pennsylvania avenues, and Brand, East Glenoaks and Victory boulevards.

Police cited 21 motorists — mostly for speeding — on Victory Boulevard alone, and another 13 in the Whiting Woods area, Smith said.

On Monday, motorists were cited for talking, texting, distracted driving and other traffic violations.

Police plan to continue their enforcement until the grant funding ends Sept. 30, Smith said.

Steve Miller, founder of, a Web site that helps people contest their traffic tickets, said Glendale and Burbank police tend to issue more citations than other law enforcement agencies, but warned drivers that law enforcement agencies statewide have been issuing more citations to increase city revenues. They have also increased some fees attached to cost of the citation, he added.

Glendale resident Dave Scott said he has had enough with motorists speeding through his neighborhood on the 3200 block of La Crescenta Avenue, where La Crescenta Avenue rejoins Verdugo Road just south of Sparr Heights.

“It’s like a drag race out here,” he said.

Scott has lived in the neighborhood for 11 years and has seen many pets and wildlife killed by speeding motorists.

This week, he said, a driver slammed his car into a deer in the middle of the roadway.

“When you get out into the intersection, you don’t stand a chance,” Scott said.

Police said they plan to conduct speed enforcement in the neighborhood.

But along with speed enforcement, Scott said he wants the city to review safety measures at the intersection.

“They need to do something to get these [motorists] to slow down,” he said.

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