What happened to decorum and respect?

The recent graduation at Clark Magnet High School (“'We're all going to bigger and better things'“ June 17) was a reason to celebrate and honor the achievements of the senior class, but it was unfortunately tainted by the disruption of two air horns that were set off during the proceedings.

What is particularly distressing is that the school’s principal, Doug Dall, specifically requested that the audience refrain from this action, saying that it would be an interruption from the flow of the ceremony and would detract from hearing all graduates’ names being announced.

So after Dall had made his instructions perfectly clear at the start, why did this occur twice? I can only guess someone rationalized that, “My _____ will only graduate high school once, so I’m making sure everyone knows how proud I am and I don’t care what that authority figure said.”

And since it happened once, the second person thought, “Well, if it was OK for them, I guess I can also do it.”

How sad that decorum and respect for everyone was ignored in the name of self-interest by a few.

Phillip Hain


An inappropriate fashion show?

I am appalled that the Glendale News-Press chose to illustrate its story on the so-called “fashion show” at Rosemont Middle School (“Fashionistas,” June 15) with photos of two 14-year-old girls dressed rather provocatively.

My deeper disappointment is with the principal and teacher who authorized the fashion show. I wonder if the Glendale Unified has any guidelines governing such events.

In this day and age, when young women are frequently seen as sex objects, it is extremely disheartening that the News-Press and the staff at Rosemont have added to this perception.

John Steele



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