City OKs renovations to actor Mario Lopez's home

CITY HALL — Actor Mario Lopez will be allowed to continue building a recreation room at his historic home, despite lacking the proper permit, as long as he follows certain conditions, city commissioners ruled Monday.

After reviewing proposed construction plans submitted for Lopez’s Kempton Road home, the Historic Preservation Commission decided Monday that the work didn’t negatively affect the 1929-era property, which is listed on Glendale Register of Historic Resources.

“I think the plans are very beautiful,” Commissioner Lorna Vartanian said. “I think they are sensitive to the property.”

Commissioners voted to allow Lopez, the host of “Extra” and “America's Best Dance Crew,” to continue work on the project, but with some alterations. His plans must include a redesign of the square-shaped, recreation room’s arched openings and an increased setback of a master bath addition.

They also requested a review of any changes and zoning issues that may arise.

Code enforcement officials opened a case against Lopez after they discovered in April that he had violated zoning codes when his contractor began construction on the property without obtaining permits.

“I want to do right by the city, do right by the property and, most importantly, do right by the house,” Lopez told the commissioners.

While the commission signed off on the plan, Lopez must still go through the permitting phase, and construction remains halted.

Some of the unpermitted work includes partial construction of a 995-square-foot recreation room, some demolition of a non-historic pool cabana and the elimination of a wood deck, according to a city report.

Lopez could still face fines for the unpermitted work, Historic Preservation Planner Jay Platt said.

Lopez is proposing to extend an existing pool deck, construct a 1,000-square-foot recreation room with a deck, connect it via tunnel to the main house and add a staircase. He also plans to demolish an existing, unpermitted master bathroom, which the previous owner added, and replace it with a 145-square-foot addition.

He wants to also construct a barbecue, wet bar, fireplace and trellis.

“I like everything that they have done on it so far,” said Commissioner Michael Morgan, who recently visited Lopez’s property.


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