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Fit for Life: Running club anyone?

OK, people of the 818. Listen up – I’m in need of some help. I am calling on you – all you avid readers of Fit for Life (don’t laugh if you are one of the only five people reading).

Consider this as my first request: Give me some ideas on any running clubs in the 818 area. I love, and I mean love to run alone. In fact, when someone asks to come running with me, I most likely change my schedule in a second to a time when I know they can’t join me. I know, I’m terrible like that.

However, running with a pack is beneficial in terms of reaching a goal – like a half marathon or marathon. Having someone else push you – and not literally – can keep a slow-moving girl at a good pace.

I’m quick to find new gyms, martial arts or a happening fit spot in the 818 area (although any pointers in that area are always welcome, too) but I am ashamed to admit finding a running club is my weak spot.


And with this amazing weather - I’m from the south, a bit of heat can’t hurt me - I want to be outside as much as possible. So whaddaya say, 818?! Any takers on my awesome request?

Mary Catherine Holcomb is a fitness enthusiast and can be reached at