Bites and Sights: I scream, you scream

With the incredibly hot weather we’ve been having here in the 818 lately, there’s really no better way to beat the heat than with a nice cold ice cream cone. 

There are so many ice cream chains around town such as Baskin Robbins, Pinkberry and Cold Stone Creamery, but I’ve always preferred smaller, privately-owned places that offer real, homemade ice cream, which is why I was so excited to recently discover Paradis in Montrose.  

This Danish import made its way to the states with its first location in Montrose, offering homemade ice cream using the freshest ingredients, made daily. 

After sampling almost every flavor available, I decided on mint with chocolate chips--my usual. But I really couldn’t get enough of my husbands cone, elderberry flower and plum. Both of these flavors were actually vegan but it definitely didn’t taste like it was lacking any ingredients that traditional ice cream would have. And the use of fresh ingredients was so clear, as one taste of the plum ice cream felt like you were taking a bite out of the actual fruit. 

There are so many foods out there that contain additives and preservatives that it makes you really appreciate a place that takes pride in fresh, natural ingredients and delicious taste. The next time you want to stay cool on one of these hot summer days, treat yourself to some really refreshing and tasty ice cream from Paradis.

Garinee Soudjian is a food and community enthusiast who writes about anything and everything. She can be reached at

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