Want to play bingo? Adopt a pet? It'll cost you

CITY HALL — As part of the plan to fill a projected $18-million budget gap for this fiscal year, the public will come up against a range of increased and new fees for city services that went into effect this month.

Officials project the fees — which run the gamut from pet licenses to building permits — will raise an additional $1.3 million in revenue this fiscal year.

City officials recommended the fee increases to better recapture the cost of providing services based on the results of a study prepared by consulting firm Wildan Financial Services.

Many city fees have been stagnant for years, officials said.

“A lot of these fees, and the fees we have chosen to concentrate on, are the fees that benefit individuals rather than the community.” Mayor Laura Friedman said at a meeting at City Hall. “We can’t forget that a lot of these fees would have to be paid by you, the taxpayers, if they weren’t paid by individuals.”


Included in the new fee structure:

New Fees

Special-events application processing: $30

Fire alarm inspection: $200

Central Library auditorium rentals: $250-$500

Variance and conditional-use permit investigations: $114

Underground Storage Tank; Installation; Plan Review and Permit Fee: $145

Glendale Sports Complex photography permit: $80

Fire Department fire-flow test report request: $78

Increased Fees

Animal licenses: $5.50-$27.50 to $15.50-$65

Amplified sound permits: $10-$15 to $50-$60

Massage technician permit: $50 to $100

Building Permit and Plan Check extensions: $91.52 to $137.28

Shopping cart abatement: $22 to $92

Building division appeal and modifications: $107.12 to $160.68

Bingo permits: $25-$100 to $50-$125

Design Review Board applications for single family projects under 3,500 sq. ft: $707 to $1,500

Design Review Board applications for single family projects over 3,500 sq. ft: $707 to $3,000

Design Review Board applications for multi-family developments with 2-50 units: $1,110 to $3,800

Design Review Board applications for larger multi-family or commercial developments: $1,800-$2,400 to $3,500 to $3,800

Historic Preservation Commission review of single family dwelling modification or demolition: $400 to $1,500

Historic Preservation Commission processing of a Mills Act Request: $400 to $1,200

Temporary certificate of occupancy: $187.20 to $280.80

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