Bites and Sights: Bringing community together around food

I love the new wave in buying local, organic foods. In fact, it seems like Farmer’s markets are busier and easier to locate than ever before.

But what I didn't realize is how Farmer's markets play an integral part in bringing members of the community together in a fun and happy atmosphere. 

While I normally visit the farmer’s market near my house, I decided to visit Gigi’s Farmer’s Market at the Americana this past weekend. With my basket in hand, I perused stall after stall of aromatic fruits and fresh vegetables, including a booth selling homemade chocolates and honey.

There was even a petting zoo where my daughter got to see farm animals such as geese, chickens and even ponies, for the very first time. The sense of community was so apparent here, with friendly strangers chatting about which stall is selling the sweetest fruit or the best way to cook a stalk of rhubarb.

Everyone who was there had the same purpose, to buy fresh products while supporting their local community. It was such a great opportunity to get to know the people in our community and the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

Garinee Soudjian is a food and community enthusiast. She can be reached at

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