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Seeing Stars: Love Burbank, but party of the century?

I thought it was just me but then I heard several women in my step class at the YMCA talking about the “Party Of The Century,” for the Burbank centennial celebration and expressing their disappointment.

One woman said it was boring, and that there were 25,000 people just walking back and forth looking at the Lockheed booth.

That’s how I felt too because I live downtown, so I’m familiar with the restaurants and businesses down there already. For me the only difference from any other Friday night was 22,000 extra people, road closures and the fireworks.

After all the hype I was really expecting more. There were no food booths or artists and nothing really to do, only a couple of picture spots and long lines directed loudly by a very abrasive woman (who I told to calm down by the way), where you could receive a Burbank plastic grocery bag. Wooo hooo!


The whole time I kept wondering who planned this party? The Amish? No, that couldn’t be right because there would be arts and crafts. I did notice it was orderly and the music was good, I’ll say that much.

I come from the land of many big events including the Gilroy Garlic Festival, the Castroville Artichoke Festival and San Jose’s Tapestry of Talent, which now seem spectacular in comparison. I realized I may have even taken them for granted until now.

Maybe I just don’t understand Burbank? It’s a city I love. I’m happy here but I really was expecting more from the land of Disney, Warner Bros., etc. for the “Party Of The Century.”

Cassandra M. Bellantoni is a Los Angeles freelance reporter, producer, video editor and featured front-page blogger on Huffington Post. She is also a former chef, restaurant owner and breast cancer survivor. Follow her on Twitter @StarShineSpeaks or email