A bit of compassion goes a long way

Some crash victims are not to blame, I am writing in response to the July 6 letter “The Crest as self-cleaning oven.” The author refers to the tragic crashes on Angeles Crest Highway as Darwin’s natural selection at work, dubbing the highway a “self-cleaning oven.”

While it’s true that sometimes people deserve the consequences of their actions, we often forget about the innocent by¿standers who suffer the same fate and the anguish inflicted on their love ones.

Regardless of the cause of these tragedies, a little compassion goes a long way because there may be a gene for stupidity, but there is no gene for karma.

Joe Juan


Eliminate the minimum wage

As unemployment increases and the homeless become more desperate, instead of looking at the foolish suggestions provided by out-of-touch government, let's use some common sense.

Many services used to be provided, such as gas station attendance. Middle-aged, well-dressed women en route to a luncheon or other social gathering did not have to pump their own gasoline. Service was provided by young men, who not only pumped the gas, checked your oil and coolant, washed your windshield, sometimes your rear window and took a quick look at your tires for proper inflation. All this done with a smile.

Increased employment and hope for the homeless can be obtained if we eliminate the stupid and unconstitutional minimum-wage law. If two American citizens agree upon a task to be done and the price to be paid for the service, it is nobody's business for the decisions that these free citizens make.

Many services would be immediately returned to the marketplace from which all citizens would benefit, as well as providing jobs for the unemployed and income and dignity for the homeless.

Let's get the government out of the way and off our backs.

Bob New


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