Bravo to those who make things happen

In the last few days, Glendale’s float entry in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade has gone from almost certain death to healthy, and then some.

The cash injection — largely from the city’s business community and public employee unions — brought the total raised to about $89,000 this week, far more than the $50,000 that officials said was needed to trigger the city’s subsidy.

The $25,000 each from Americana at Brand developer Rick Caruso and Glendale-based Global Holdings Inc. owner Sam Solakyan would have gotten us there, but there were others, including another $25,000 from Tri-City Systems Inc. and G & S Transit Management/DBA City Cab.

At a time when households are still grappling with the effects of an ongoing recession, this week proved that when push comes to shove, those with the means to make things happen in this city are still willing and able to step forward on our behalf.

Bravo to them.

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