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Fit for Life: Summer splashin’

Growing up during the summer in south Louisiana was hot and humid, plain and simple.

How did I survive those long days you ask? With the help of a water hose, a slip-n-slide or the convenient public swimming pool or the local health club’s pool.

Fortunately, we were members of the health club so we had no problem getting in the water but not every hot, sweaty child could say the same. And that’s where the public pool came into play.

We only had one in the area, but out here, I seem to stumble upon a new pool often. This is my first summer out here in the 818, and so far, I’ve been through some rather hot days. So, make your summers free of whiny, complaining children and send them to splash around in one of the many great pools offered in the 818 area. Here are two local public pools:


McCambridge Park Swimming Pool
1515 North Glenoaks Boulevard           
Pacific Pool at the Pacific Community Center Complex
509 S. Pacific Ave. 91204

Or you can check out a local YMCA at:   
321 East Magnolia Boulevard
Burbank, CA  


(818) 845-8551 

140 North Louise Street  
Glendale, CA  
(818) 240-4130
1930 Foothill Boulevard

La Canada Flintridge, CA
(818) 790-0123

Mary Catherine Holcomb is a fitness enthusiast and can be reached at