Dog owners should be more responsible

As a dog owner and a frequent walker in our beautiful Glendale neighborhoods, I think that the idea of dog waste stations stinks (“Courtesy pet-waste stations to hit the streets,” Aug. 11).

Once again, we are allowing the few inconsiderate, irresponsible people to dictate how our neighborhoods look. We are again showing that if we are not responsible for our own actions, it’s OK, someone else will take care of it.

It is the dog owner’s responsibility to pick up their dog’s waste when they go out in public so that it’s not a nuisance to others.

I don’t like having to walk around waste that has been left on the ground, nor would I want it left in my front yard — with two dogs, I have enough to pick up. Nor, do I want to walk through a neighborhood with stinking dog waste filled trash “depository stations.” (The name even tries to give the idea some dignity, but, it still stinks).

Will just having a trash station convenient suddenly make irresponsible dog owners stoop and use them?

I hope residents will be told in advance if a trash station is planned to be put next to their home.

Margaret Hall


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